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Daryl Boling has withdrawn as a candidate for School Director:


We are in the middle of the Primary Election for School Board with mail in voting in full swing and Election day only days away. We are working together to elect candidates committed to public education and our community. Daryl Boling was endorsed as a member of the slate to bring his expertise in management and the arts to the Board and serve as an advocate for our excellent arts programming and extra-curriculars. 


Unfortunately, our opponents and their surrogates have resorted to unscrupulous tactics by attacking his career as an actor rather than engaging in a substantive debate on the issues facing our community. In order to continue our issues-driven campaign, Daryl has decided to withdraw as a candidate for School Director. Per election rules, Daryl will remain on the Primary Election ballot, but will not appear on the November General Election ballot. We strongly encourage all Democrats to vote for all four of our endorsed candidates in the Primary so that a replacement to the Alliance slate is possible. We are actively engaged in a search for an excellent replacement candidate whose values are aligned with UDDC to appear on the November General Election ballot. A replacement is only possible if all 4 of our current candidates emerge as the top 4 Democrats in the Primary Election. The Alliance and UDDC thank Daryl for his willingness to serve and appreciate his recognition that we want to continue to focus on the issues and on our goal to ensure that our schools continue to provide an excellent public education for the entire community.