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New Voices Teamed With Experience
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I have resided in Upper Dublin for the past six years. Passionate about education, I am actively involved in my young daughter’s school ensuring that they have all the tools available to ensure a robust education that balances social-emotional support in these challenging times. I credit the well-rounded education that I received at Central High School for my educational success in college and career. I am a summa cum laude graduate of Temple University (1988) and a cum laude graduate of Temple University School of Law (1991). For the past 30 years I have been a litigator and I am the managing partner of a national law firm handling matters throughout the Commonwealth from its Center City location. Growing up in Philadelphia and attending richly diverse schools solidified my firm belief that all children deserve a strong and vibrant public school system where the needs of all students are met. I am firmly committed to the success of our public school system and look forward to being a problem solver to obstacles that stand in the way of unlocking every student’s potential through excellent teachers, programs and facilities.  

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I am running for a second term on the board because I believe that strong school public schools are an essential part of a vibrant community - to students and their parents, to teachers and staff and also to the residents, business owners, home-owners and tax-payers. Strong public schools make a strong community. I am a 32-year resident of Upper Dublin township, and parent of three Upper Dublin graduates. After 18 years in biomedical research I now work as a full time math teacher in a public high school in a nearby district. I am an active member in a number of community organizations, and I enjoy meeting neighbors and Upper Dublin residents to listen to their experiences and perspectives. I support the direction of the district’s administration and leadership team, with their goal to  provide an educational framework that is based on sound and state-of-the-art learning and teaching practice. We need to keep our programs up to date to prepare all students for the society in which they will be living and working.

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I am a strong believer in the power and importance of public K-12 education. My wife and I have lived in Upper Dublin since 1998 and have two children currently attending Upper Dublin High School. As the products of excellent public education ourselves, we decided to get involved with the intention of helping UDSD be all that it could be, understanding that a rising tide lifts all boats. In that spirit I have served the District as a member of the Educational Advisory Committee, Technology Advisory Committee, Social Communications Policy Committee, and as the vice president of Upper Dublin PAGE (Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education). I have now served nearly two terms as a School Director and am the second most experienced on the board. I prefer to focus on the big picture and the long term, and that’s the approach I’ve brought to the board since my initial appointment in 2013.


I am a 12-year resident of Dresher with three children in Upper Dublin's schools, two at Jarrettown and one at Sandy Run.  Having chosen to move to Upper Dublin for its amazing public schools, I volunteered as a room parent and as a Co-Treasurer of the Jarrettown Elementary PTO with my husband Josh, who also works at Jarrettown as a cafeteria/recess aide.  I am running for School Director as another way to give back to the schools and community that our family feels so lucky to call home. I have been in the financial services industry for the last ten years and am a Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Ocwen Financial Corporation, and I serve as a member of the company's Diversity & Inclusion Council and as the Executive Sponsor of the Ocwen Global Women's Network, an affinity group for female employees.  I graduated from Penn State University in 2001 with Honors and with Highest Distinction and earned my J.D. in 2005 from Temple University's Beasley School of Law. As a product of Pennsylvania's public schools from K-12 and beyond, I believe that having equitable access to high-quality public education is one of the bedrocks of our democracy.  To that end, I am committed to principles of diversity, inclusion, and ensuring that all students feel safe, supported, and represented so that everyone is afforded a full and equitable opportunity to thrive.